Main Ingredient for Options:

Pycnogenol®, Veri-te™, Fruitflow(Tomato Extract) plus omega 3, NSK-SD®(Fermented Soybean Extract)


- Pycnogenol® French maritime pine bark extract is extracted from the bark of mono-species pine trees grown exclusively in southwest France.

-Over 420 Scientific Studies has been published including Cardiovascular Health

-98% of French Pine Bark Extract research publications are done base on Pycnogenol®

-Over 10 functional patents


-Trans-Resveratrol with 98% purity which is extracted from fermentation yeast

-The extraction method is non-GMO and the source of resveratrol is from grape skin

-5 production patents and over 100 patents are pending.

-Over 10000 clinical studies based on trans-resveratrol including Cardiovascular Health

Fruitflow™ (Tomato Extract) plus omega 3

- The first natural, scientifically EFSA(European Food Safety Authority) approved solution for healthy blood flow

- 8 clinical studies including Cardiovascular Health

-The omega 3 binds well with Fruitflow™ and increases its efficacy

NSK-SD® (Fermented Soybean Extract):

-An enzyme derived from Bacillus subtilis natto established a production method for “Fermented Soybean Extract” which contains a rich amount of nattokinase

-The stinky odor of natto, as well as Bacillus subtilis natto and Vitamin K2, are removed.

In order to have an exclusive and effective dietary supplement formulation, subsidiary ingredients would be recommended.

Suggested Dosage Forms: Tablets, Capsules, Powder Sachet, Liquid Sachet